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We would like to offer you the possibility to place your stand and sell cynological products during FCI Agility World Championship 2023.

Prices Stands (inside on the hall gallery)

Stands inside the hall

Prices are for stand during whole AWC 2023.

It is prohibited to sell agility obstacles and dry food and use official logo AWC 2023.

The organizer is not responsible for the security of the stand. The hall will be locked during the night and security guard will be present. You will be responsible for any damages incurred by you on the hall equipment or on the third persons. We recommend submitting the liability insurance contract.

Prices are for stand during whole AWC 2023. Exhibitors are prohibited from using official world Championship 2023 logo selling and exhibiting dry dog food and agility obstacles. It is necessary to watch the stand. The organizer of world cup 2023 does not take any Responsibility. At right, the hall is locked, and security service is present. Exhibitors are also responsible for any damage they cause to the equipment of the hall lor to third parties. It would be advisable to submit a liability insurance contract. It is necessary to observe the Home Credit Arena visiting rules.

FCI Agility World Championship Czech Republic 2023